Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday has become a fun day for me. It's when two high school friends and myself get together for a little girl talk, food, and usually some sort of coffee drink. (I'd like to make it a fab 4 with another mutual friend, but I seem to let her know the plans 15 minutes late every week. lol) It's become quite a welcome time for me. I love that after all these years it's like we never spent any time apart and I'm just as comfortable with them now as I was in school. No dressing up is involved. We come as we are, even if that means looking like homeless people, as R put it today. Today we laughed our rear-ends off watching clips of SNL, drank "frappies" from McDonalds and had a lovely little breakfast together. (oh, and laundry. they were kind enough to keep me company through 6 loads of it and even helped me fold. By the way...R is the Martha Stewart of sheet folders. She folded a fitted sheet like I've only seen my mother fold one. I usually get the corners done right and then as I'm folding it I get more and more frustrated with it and it ends up being this big, jumbled mess that I just stuff in my linen closet.) 

Ok...I fancy myself somewhat of a baker. I love to bake. I bake cake, cupcakes, pies...you name it...I try and bake it. (or I will if I haven't yet) It occurred to me last week that I've been baking all this time and didn't have an apron. I have a dozen shirts with grease stains on them from making butter cream icing, but no apron. I expressed that thought on facebook a week or so ago and one of my girlfriends surprised me with something when she got to the house today....
Isn't it adorable? I've always loved the "Bake and Call Girl" phrase. She saw it on a logo that another good girlfriend of mine made me and she put it on the apron. How cute is that?!?! So, K...if you're reading this, thank you again! I love it!

The rest of my day was rather uneventful. I picked up the girls from school, got G-Lou ready for her gym class (then sent her with her daddy), fed the girls and then watched AI with Eric when we got the girls down for the night. As I'm typing this my eyes are getting heavier and heavier. So, on that note, I shall end for the evening. Nitey nite.

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  1. love you, my friend. looking forward to many more tuesdays to come!

    (and let me clarify...when i said 'we' looked homeless today, i meant me and my kids. not y'all. hee hee! just want blogland to understand that. LOL!) :0)