Sunday, February 27, 2011


Our Sunday was uneventful. This was a good thing.

We had a pretty rough day yesterday with Syd. When she was much younger, she used to have these fits where she would tense up, scratch, growl...they were horrible fits. She's had two of these in the last month. One was last night. It would be an understatement if I said she was stronger now. She is WAY stronger now. When she was just a baby in the hospital, one of her doctors told us that she could have several things go on as she got older. They said she'd probably break bones easily. They were wrong. So far, she's had no problems with that. They said she'd be on oxygen and monitors for months if not years. They were wrong again. She came home free and clear of both oxygen tanks and monitors. They said she could have behavior problems. Ugh. They said she'd possibly end up with something like ADD or ADHD. Let me tell you...I'm beginning to wonder. They never mentioned anything about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I'm beginning to wonder about that a little as well. This is the single sweetest, most innocent child that you'd ever want to meet, but you have to tread very lightly with her. Any little thing can make her take a down hill turn.

My constant prayer for her is that she just have good days at school. I can handle anything at home if she just has good days at school. Her folder this last month has been written in more times than not though. I feel so bad for her every day she comes home and has to be in trouble for something that happened at school. I think some of the times they tend to be easier on her at school because they hate seeing her get in trouble. She has fantastic teachers that love her dearly and that have on more than one occasion told me that she's done something wrong but they just couldn't bare to be mad at her or couldn't stand the thought of 'turning her in' to the higher ups. This makes me happy, but I also don't want her getting away with anything she shouldn't. She's been held more accountable this year though...hence all the black in in her folder. I have a feeling we'll need to speak to someone professionally about her behavior if it doesn't get better. She's normally a happy girl. I want her to stay that way.

On to today...
We went to the inlaws (well, my inlaws) today to celebrate my husband's and my father in laws dad's birthday. Syd did good at church, so I kept my fingers crossed that it would continue the rest of the day. Thank you, Jesus, it did. She was perfectly fine all day long. Again...I am terribly thankful for this. We had a good day, eating, laughing and visiting with Eric's mom and our extended family. After we got home, we (the girls) had showers with out getting mad at each other and all got in bed with out any conflict. A fine way to end the day.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Please try to control yourself...

Contain your excitement if you can. I'm blogging for a second day in row.

Today was just a normal Friday. G-Lou and Syd were at school and Rosie was hanging with me. I guess the day wasn't quite normal. We had the rare treat of going to a birthday party during the day...during a WEEK DAY! The party was for one of Audrey's friends from school who happens to be the son of one of my friends from high school. They enjoyed a couple hours of bounce-housing, presents, hot dogs and cake. Who made the cake, you ask? Why, I did!!

As you can see, the party theme was Toy Story. Ryan's little face lit up like the fourth of July when he saw the cake. That's why I enjoy making cakes. The only thing better that the person thinking the cake tastes good is the look on the face of who ever the cake is for.
I was able to catch Ryan and Rosie together for a picture. I was shocked when they both sat still and looked at the camera all at the same time. Aren't they cuties?
And then Rosie even posed for one by herself. She is quite the poser as evident by the next photo.

After the party, Audrey resumed business as usual. We went home and relaxed for a few minutes and then we were off to pick up the girls from school. Friday is always a special day for Syd. Not only is it donut shop day for her and G where they ride to the shop and school in the police car with daddy, but it is (and has been for 8 years now) Syd's night with my mom and dad. She counts the days down from the beginning of the week, every week. She woke up in a fantastic mood this morning which carried her right through her day. I always love days like that.
Well, today went a little unexpectedly. Audrey asked me if she could go home with Mamaw too. I'm sorry, what? This is something she hasn't done in several months. She's usually perfectly fine right here with me and E, but today she wanted to go. And, from what I understand, she never mentioned me one time. Most mom's would get a little weepy here. I am not most moms. lol
With this little turn of events and E working late, G-Lou and I ended up spending a good part of the evening together. We went and got some dinner and then came home and watched a movie. Let me tell you something, it's been a while since I've had her by herself and I have forgotten just how full of hooey she is. She was cracking jokes right and left this evening and we had quite a good evident by the following photo...

She is her mother's daughter.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quite some time...

It's been a while since I've posted anything. Ok...probably close to a year. I get all gung-ho about blogging and then the wind quickly leaks out of my sail. A couple of my close girlfriends blog though and I guess I've been inspired again. We'll see how it goes.

Syd is sailing right along in the second grade. We've had some behavior issues as of late, but I think it has a lot to do with a change in her schedule at school. She's gotten all A's and B's on her report card all year long and her teeth seem to be falling out like crazy. I'm having a hard time believing that she'll be nine in August. Where in the world does the time go?

And speaking of that...G-Lou will be 6 in just three weeks. SIX. Let me just tell you...that girl is wicked smart. She'll even tell you that she a New England accent and everything. She's doing great in Kinder. She enjoys school and she's making lots of friends. (and all of her teachers love her)

Now, on to Rosie. That girl is a crazy mess. She's what we like to call a perpetual baby. She's still so small and she'd have you carry her everywhere if we'd let her. She's enjoying school two days a week, and I must admit...I enjoy her in school two days a week. ;-) I do enjoy my time with her though when the other girls aren't around. She's so stinking cute. One of her favorite things to do is to ask you a question like, "Can I have some goldfish, please?", and then tell you what the answer is. "Say, 'That's fine, Audrey'!" Little stinker. :-)

One more thing before I close. E was named "City Employee of the Month" for the month of February. He is such a hard worker! We are very blessed to have him in our lives.

Well...hopefully I can keep this up every day or so. We'll see. ;-)