Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Daddy Doesn't Drink The Same Things I Do...

That was the phrase that came out of the mouth of a little boy in my mission friends class at church this evening. I asked him, "Well...what do you drink, honey?" He replied with the normal kids stuff. Juice, Sprite, Milk, Water. And then something came over me. I'm sure it was the devil. Before I knew it, the question came out of my mouth. "What does your daddy drink?" The little boy just sat there for a second and then a totally different little boy uttered the words that me and apparently all of the kids were thinking..."" I couldn't help but giggle. Which led to more giggling, which led to my G-Lou saying, "Hey...that's what I was thinking too!!!!"  5 of the 7 kids tonight all agreed that that's what they were thinking. Out of the mouths of babes, I tell ya. The moment passed quickly and we were able to get back on task talking about our week and our missionaries for the month. Those kids are so sweet and I love them dearly. :-)

My day was pretty good. I got the tags for our new van today and then I met a girlfriend at Costco and walked around with her and her kids while they shopped. After that it was just business as usual. Wednesdays are usually pretty busy once I pick Rosie up from school. From there we pick up the other girls, come home and rest for a few minutes, go to church to eat dinner, the girls go to choir and then there's mission friends and CIA. Thank goodness for teachers that don't pile on a bunch of homework on Wednesday nights!!

E and I just finished watching AI and now we're just waiting for the news and then it's bed time! Tomorrow I have a load of laundry to do, a kitchen to clean up (and maybe out), and the girls bedrooms to try and get in order. I'd like to have a garage sale soon...a little extra cash is always a good motivator. I don't like selling clothes, so I'll probably just take those to Brighter Tomorrows or somewhere like that. Everything else is fair game though. Hansen better hide what ever he doesn't want sold! Lol!

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  1. thank you for coming with me today! so much fun to have a buddy there. :0)