Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pioneer Recipe #1....for me.

Tonight I made my first Pioneer Woman recipe. I made this with the hopes that all three of my kids would sit down, not complain and just eat! They did that very thing. I believe that off in the far distance I heard angles singing. They all three sat down and ate. No complaining. Nothing of the sort. G-Lou even asked for seconds. That never happens. Ever. Never. G even got excited when I told her this would be our leftover meal for Thrusday. I nearly fell out of my seat. So...thank you, Pioneer Woman, for your tasty dish.

I love pictures of food, so here is our meal this evening.
This is what we started with...Plus chicken that was cooking at the time.
Here is the before.

And here is the after.

And in my bowl.

And G having seconds. (I totally had to document that)

Tomorrow night's dinner is at church. Hooray! No clue what they're having, but it's usually pretty good!

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