Saturday, May 15, 2010

Waving At God

Ugh...I've been kinda frustrated lately. I've not been able to do my C25K for the last week and a half or so. (probably longer, I've lost track) First, my ankle started swelling. Then, my neck went out of whack and I have a cold. I sound like an old lady that has smoked for 90 of her 70 years of life, (yes, I know that doesn't add up) and that's just when I have a voice. This morning I woke up and had zero voice. My husband then joked and said it was going to be the quietest day in our house ever, to which I said that could only happen if me AND ALL THE GIRLS all lost our voices at the same time. He humored me and agreed.

Despite not having a voice at all, I still had a pretty good day. We went to Starbucks, did our grocery shopping, ate at Don Juan's and then swapped out kids at my parents house. Do you know that I've not been to Don Juan's since high school? How sad is that? While I was sitting in there at the counter by the built in water fountain, I was reminded just how much I do NOT like change! Well, at least not drastic change. I'd love to have our quaint, little downtown back. I think I'll lobby this year to drag out the old tinsel covered Christmas decorations they used to put up on the light poles. Whatcha think about that?

On a totally unrelated topic...
Audrey was standing in the kitchen this evening when she looked up at the skylight and started waving. I asked her what she was doing and she told me, "I wavin' at God." So I said, "Really?" To which she instructed me to pick her up so she could see better and then pointed up and said, "Look...there He is. Wave mommy, wave." So, we waved at God, I tucked her sweet little self in to bed and that is how she ended her evening. I love those moments God gives to me. Like when Sydney hears thunder and asks if that's God making that noise. Or like the night when Graci and I were were watching a lightning show from the front porch and she asked me where God was. Was he here with us? Did He even go to other places like West Virginia? I assured her that He was here and everywhere else all the time. Right beside us. All. The. Time.

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