Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Letters Home

As I was cleaning up around the bakers rack in the breakfast nook a few minutes ago I found two letters. One from me to my mom, postmarked McAllen, TX, June of '86 and the other from my dad to my mom, postmarked Las Vegas, November of '83. I got a little misty eyed reading the one from my dad to my mom. It was short, but very sweet. The one I wrote her just made me giggle. My spelling is horrible (some things never change) and it must have taken me quite a while to mail it since I wrote it in Oxnard, CA, and didn't mail it until we got to McAllen, TX.

Below is the letter from me, complete with misspelled words.

Dear Mom,

How are you? I am O.K..

I have been swiming 5 or 6 times so far. Have you been swiming? Danny got a sun burn. I just got a tan. Daddy hardly got anything. We are in Oxnard Ca. Daddy said he loves you just enough to get him into trouble.


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