Monday, June 7, 2010

My sweet second grader

Well...these days I only have one thing to be irritated with. My Ankle. It's pretty much keeping me from the C25K program that I started. I just can't run on it. I've tried. Running hates me. So...what I need to do is keep my hiney walking.

Now, on to more important things. My sweet Sydney Ellen is now a second grader. I can't hardly believe it.  That's just amazing to me. Seems like yesterday that her life was just beginning. Now, here it is, almost 8 years later...and going in to second grade. Wow, time sure does go by fast. Congrats, Sydney Ellen!

The next pic isn't great, but she's not a fan of having her pic taken. This is her getting the TOP COWBOY award. Six kids per class get this a year. (1 a six weeks)
She's so cute!  She kept asking me if I was going to pack her lunch today for school. It took a few times explaining it to her, but I think she finally gets it now...SUMMER VACATION MEANS NO LUNCH PACKING! Well, I guess if it weren't 120 degrees outside we could pack it for a picnic, but Mommy doesn't picnic in the heat!

This is Sydney with her sweet teacher!

Graci is getting very excited now. She'll be in kindergarten next year and that's just about all she and Sydney talk about. I don't know what she's more excited about though when it comes to school...getting picked up daily by Mamaw or riding in the police car with Sydney and Daddy every Friday morning to the donut shop before he drops them off! Wow...then it'll just be me and little A-Ro! (that's Audrey's street name) What ever will we do, just the two of us!?

There's really not much more going on around here. I have a few cakes over the next few weeks and we're taking a trip to see family in West Virginia, but that's about it! I guess it's TTFN!

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